Thursday, February 16, 2012

What We're Jammin' Too

By the responses that came pouring in, I've learned that many of our members don't listen to music at all and I was fascinated by what they do listen to.

I listen to John Wayne movies while glazing pottery.  I know all the lines from his movies!

Sorry, Kris, I am not hip.  I listen to talking books or the radio (progressive talk)

Sorry, no music.  I'm an NPR addict, especially Saturday morning!  'Wait, wait don't tell me', 'What do you know', 'Car Guys', 'Radio Lab'

If I've planned ahead, I have a book on tape.  If not, OPB...or KLCC to hear some NEW music (and some old).  Did everyone know that our own Frank Gosar is a Sat AM DJ there?  I'm never allowed to subject good CD's to all the muck in the studio
...Cynthia Spencer

I've been inspired to rethink my studio play lists and include some of my favorite books and radio pod casts. 

Have you been inspired?

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