Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ceramic Showcase -pieces for our Clay in Ed. Installation

Clay in Education Installation - "A Moveable Feast" to benefit the non-profit organization, Partner's for a Hunger-Free Oregon helping to end childhood hunger. We've set a Farm Table with 3-piece place settings that have been donated by OPA Members.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

OPA, Ceramic Showcase and Food!

At the last OPA meeting we had a large gathering of folks attending to choose booth spaces for the upcoming Ceramic Showcase. A potluck is always part of the meeting and this year it was decided to photograph our dishes before we dug in. Gorgeous photography by Willy Paul and delicious recipes served on beautiful pottery ensued. Here are a few photo's with more to come-and even more to see at the show. Check the Ceramic Showcase web page or our FB page for more info. Meanwhile enjoy the photo's. A feast for the eyes.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

"I got it at Ceramic Showcase"

Not long ago I was making breakfast and as I reached for my favorite mug from the cupboard it dawned on me that almost every piece of pottery that I owned I got from Ceramic Showcase. At least all the nice pieces. Most of my plates and bowls are either from Goodwill or are pieces that I made that didn't sell, but the cups and mugs and tumblers are all pieces that I bought or traded for. I have been going to Ceramic Showcase for over 15 years and I look forward to choosing a few new pieces  every year. I also have a booth at the show and I know that I am not the only artist who walks around as people are setting up, scoping out what to get, before the show has even started. Many trades and transactions are made between artists all weekend. In celebration of this and to give everyone the opportunity to promote each other  I am going to post daily on our Facebook page pottery that we as members have bought or traded during the show. Here are a few photos that I've already posted with more to come. As an added bonus Boni Deal sent me two paintings inspired by pieces from Ceramic Showcase. Check our Ceramic Showcase Facebook link and "like" the page if you haven't already.
Artist credit:
Glenn Burris
Holly Gonnella
Brad Menninga
Craig Martell
Boni Deal

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Plated Purple Frost Platter-Brunch

We often have brunch together. It is often our main meal of the day. 
This picture features a turkey, mushroom  and Swiss cheese omelet topped with homemade guacamole. This omelet is made for two people. We divide the omelet and add tomato and avocado garnish. 
The potatoes are scrubbed, pierced and microwaved. We cool the potatoes, slice them a little thickly leaving their skins on. We add them to a medium hot frying pan sprayed with a vegetable oil cooking spray. We spray the tops of the potatoes and turn them, once they are browned and crispy. The potatoes have a home fry taste but without all the extra oil. They are light and tasty.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Celebrating Fuctional Pottery and Food

A warm hello to everyone,

I am Claire Delffs, I am an Oregon Potters Association Member. 
I have been making an creating pottery for over 30 years and my business name is Moonfire Pottery.  

I will be blogging about Ceramic Showcase’s 2013 Theme   "Celebrating all things Food". 

Ceramic Showcase is teaming with Chefs in the Portland area and celebrating the artistry of food and the beauty of functional handmade pottery.

I have been cooking since I was twelve. My mother had to leave us in Minnesota and take care of her mother in Florida, who was ill. I found that I was blessed with an inherent knowledge of cooking, so creative cooking came very easy to me. After my mother got back, I would often help her in the kitchen. Later on, my mother went back to work and as a teenager, I often shopped and cooked for my blended family of seven. As an adult, I do most of the cooking for our family. It is a real treat though, to enjoy a meal when my husband cooks, I do love eating other people’s cooking. It is great fun to sample all the wonderful dishes at an OPA potluck meeting.

Much to my husband Bill’s chagrin, I rarely follow a recipe, which means that I can’t exactly duplicate a really good meal. After 20 years, he is still lamenting my inability to duplicate a wonderful tamale casserole I made for him. On the up side he loves food and in between making lots of pottery, we often sit down to some pretty good meals. He has been inspired many times to become a creative cook himself.

This brings me to Our Ceramic Showcase theme,"Celebrating all things Food".  The theme of functional pottery and food is a natural occurrence in Bill and my everyday lives. We are potters and we love the aesthetics of both pottery and food.

Often our pottery forms are inspired directly by our love of cooking.
We love pottery that is functional and comfortable for everyday use and is pleasing to the eye, with or without the addition of food or drink. 

I have cooked and plated food on our pottery. I have taken pictures and I am sharing these pictures in this blog along with my recipes.
I have made an effort to standardize my recipes, but like me, feel free to experiment.


Claire Delffs
Moonfire Pottery
Oregon Potters Association Member

Not much of our design is visible , but this is our hand painted red rim thistle dinner oblong plate. We have a 1000 square foot pottery studio in our backyard and We are fortunate to work at home. We often have a mid day brunch as our main meal.

This brunch meal for 4 is fairly quick and easy. 

I scramble 2 eggs and 1/2 cup egg whites (from the carton). I let the eggs mostly "set" in the pan before I gently mix them up, we like large fluffy scrambled eggs to fill our soft tacos.

We make a quick 3 bean casserole. I coarsely chop a large peeled onion, spray a frying pan with vegetable cooking spray, add the onions, lightly spray the chopped onions and saute the onion over medium high heat with the frying pan lid on. The lid on the frying pan helps sweat the onions and keep them from burning. I add a little water if the onions begin to stick. I frequently stir the onions until they are medium  browned and caramelized. 
I use 3 cans of different colored  beans.
This time the three types of beans I used are a can each of, black beans, white cannellini beans and pinto beans. I add the caramelized onions, a can of green chilies and a heaping teaspoon of Southwest seasoning. We mix the beans with the seasonings and microwave the casserole for 3-5 minutes.

We heat up tortillas in a tortilla warmer in the microwave.

We add our favorite garnishes, tomatoes, avocados, red peppers, green onions, cheese, sour cream, etc. 

We fill our tortillas with scrambled eggs, beans and garnishes for a yummy vegetarian soft taco brunch. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Local Art Shows

Many OPA members hit the Art Show circuit in the Summer and this year is no exception.

This weekend you will find quite a few of our members showing and selling their work at the Lake Oswego Fine Art & Craft Faire.  The Faire opens Friday, June 22nd and will run through Sunday.

OPA members participating are:

Debra Nelson

This is a great show with great art, live music, food & drink.

I've heard that there is a chance of rain this weekend but don't let that stop you!  We'll start our rain dance now to keep the drops away.

Good luck to all of our fellow members - we hope you have a great show!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Three Days and Counting

The Year is 2010 and Margaret Synan-Russell is the President of the OPA and Brenda Scott is the Chair of Ceramic Showcase.

And the Best of Show 2010 is Jim Koudelka.

Best of Show 2010
Jim Koudelka

"My work is ultimately a reflection of my creative response to materials and processes, images and ideas.

I have an interest and involvement with a vessel format that is influenced by architectural, mechanical and industrial images.  The pieces I create display the actual or implied function of containers or devices extracted from primitive to contemporary times.  My intent is to interpret and display the essence and qualities of these images through my art work and create a dialogue to the viewer through it.

Process and materials also play an important role in the development of my work.  I allow the ceramic, glass and or metal materials and their processes to maintain a voice in the choices of design, physical construction, surfacing and final viewing of the pieces."

In 2010, the OPA family experienced the loss of one of our founding members, Dave Enna.  Dave served as the President of OPA in 1983 as well as serving as the first Chair of Ceramic Showcase.  Dave committed many years to the OPA Board and served on many committees for Ceramic Showcase.

This was written about Dave in the Sandy Post

“Not many people have the courage to think they can make a living with their hands,” said Sue Enna. “He wanted to encourage that.” ... Enna might have been the typical “hippie-dippie” artist of his day return- ing from military service in during the Vietnam War, growing a scraggly beard and sitting in a dirt-floored Gresham garage to make things out of clay. “His father said, ‘That’s nice, but how will you make a living?’” remembers his wife. But the Ennas did make a living and a name for themselves as potters. In the mid-70s they moved from Gresham to Brightwood, not to dropout, but to be community members. Enna served 13 years on the Sandy High and Welches school district board, now the Oregon Trail School District. He was a founding member and president for two years of the Oregon Potters Association and for 13 years was an active member of the Gresham-Ebetsu Sister City Associa- tion. The latter cause took the Ennas to Japan 11 times, where they were partnered with the family of an Ebetsu pot- ter. “It (Japan) was our adopted home,” Sue Enna said. “Two weeks before Dave died the family came from Japan to see him.”
In the last few days of Dave's life, his family was able to bring the wedding ceremony of their son to the hospi- tal. He very much enjoyed being a part of the wedding and also the recent visit of the Kanai family from Hokkaido.

This year we will honor the memory of Dave as well as all of our OPA members that are no longer with us, in a special Memorial Tribute adjacent to the Lobby Display. 

The 30th Anniversary Ceramic Showcase opens its doors on Friday, May 4 at 10am.  

Come join the celebration!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nine Days and Counting

The Year is 2009 and Victoria Shaw is the President of the OPA and Beverly Curtis and Brenda Scott are the Chairs for Ceramic Showcase.

In 2009 the International adventure continued with OPA members traveling and exhibiting in Hokkaido, Japan.  Many members took side trips throughout Japan.  One side trip found Jim Johnstone and his wife in a tiny village that literally was closed but thanks to the kindness of strangers, found a room for the evening and a small pottery where Jim was surrounded by the works of Shoji Hamada.  Jim recounted this story at an OPA General meeting, and to hear the tone in his voice and the sparkle in his eye, you knew that he had experienced a life changing moment.  And when he unwrapped his little treasure, his delight was as evident then as it must have been in that tiny village pottery.

And the Best of Show 2009 was Penelope Dews.  I asked Penelope about the evolution of her work and this is what she wrote:

Best of Show 2009
Penelope Dews
"The idea for this piece evolved over a number of years.  I would make changes to the bird and the energy of the piece, but, the feeling I was searching for kept eluding me.  What ultimately made this idea come alive were two things, we adopted a cockatiel and having a live bird in the home changed my way of looking at birds, and I had seen an image on a calendar of a small bird singing its heart out.

The piece was made using a modified coil method.  Short fat coils, flattened into short slabs about 2 - 3 inches tall, and attached to a slab base.  The bird was added last and is hollow, using clay "flying buttresses" to hold it up until it was stiff enough to stand alone.  Then the supports were cut away.  The piece was anagama wood fired on a top shelf about a third of the way back in the kiln.  Placed with its back to the firebox, so not too much ash would fall on the birds face, and potentially obstruct it's features. The added bonus was the shape the flame made up the back of the piece during the firing."

The 30th Ceramic Showcase opens on May 4, 2012 at 10am and runs through Sunday, May 6.  This year's Ceramic Showcase will celebrate our 30th Anniversary with a weekend full of art, music and camaraderie.  We hope you will join us as we welcome back many of the artists that participated in the 1st Ceramic Showcase.  Live music will happen Friday and Saturday evenings featuring Lynch Mob, Mo Mac and Mood Area 52.  There will also be live music throughout the weekend performed acoustically by local area high school students and musicians.  Our Demonstration Stage will be busy all weekend, Adult and Children's Clay areas if you feel the urge to get your hands dirty, local beer,wine and spirits featured at our no-host bar and last but certainly not least the ceramic work of more than 200 local ceramic  artists.  Find that beautiful cup to enjoy morning coffee, a bowl to grace your table, sculpture to enhance your home and come meet and talk to the artists that have created this amazing work.

We hope to see you in just 9 short days.

(Can you hear the kilns of the Northwest just fire up?)