Wednesday, February 15, 2012

12 Weeks and Counting

The year is 1997; Deb Shapiro is the OPA President and this was overheard at Ceramic Showcase:

     Father:  "These pots are made out of clay and then they were fired."

     Young Daughter:  "Does that mean they couldn't do their job anymore?"

     "We do not simply 'expose' children to the arts.  We instruct them in life skills through the arts.  The arts are inseparable from daily life and are essential tools for understanding each other and our environment.  Of course it is important that all children learn to read, but it may be even more important that there are artists producing something worth reading."  E. Rutenkroger

Best of Show 1997
Michael Fromme

I asked Michael what she drew upon for her inspiration while creating "Raven" :

"Raven was part of a series inspired by an exhibition called Boxes and Bowls of the Haida and Tligit.  The carved wooden bowls were such wonderful forms; animals and birds, that I felt compelled to create my own, in clay and fire them in an anagama where the fire and ash played with the bas-relief.  They were a merging of my animal sculptures and the anagama firing that I studied in Bizen, Japan."

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