Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Soda workshop

I ventured to Mt. Hood CC this past Saturday and attended a Soda workshop with Chris Baskin. This was the first day of the four day workshop. It was a small group of attendees but the studio was filled with MHCC students finishing up the semester. It was a bustling studio, kilns were being loaded, a wood firing was taking place, students were trimming and glazing their work. We had a chance to talk with Don Sprague who was there glazing work for a salt firing. It was so nice to see such an active studio. After a tour of the studio and kiln yard, a lecture and demo we all had the opportunity to let loose our inner child. Chris laid out yards and yards of craft paper, brought out his magnificent collection of brushes and off we went - writing, doodling, experimenting. It is one of my favorite ways to loosen up and get the creative juices flowing. All this in preparation of embellishing and glazing our work which we will load this Friday and fire over the weekend. It'll be Christmas on Sunday evening as we unload the kiln.

...to be continued

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