Tuesday, February 17, 2009

unlocking creativity

I was in my studio trying to get the creative juices flowing and get loose when I remembered a little trick that Jim Romberg taught me. I rolled out 20' of craft paper on the floor of my studio, grabbed a big fat brush and a jar of stain and started putting down big broad strokes down the length of the paper. How good that feels, so uninhibited and free.

Often when I am staring at a blank canvas, page or pot I tend to freeze and the marks that I make a timid and static so this exercise gives my brain the freedom to roam without worrying about where or what it is doing. I'll even put a piece at one end of the paper and by the time that I get to the end, I've got some great marks on my piece.

Now I've found a website that allows me to do the same thing and release my inner Jackson Pollock.

Go ahead - splash - splatter - draw - make broad strokes - let your inner Jackson Pollock out and be free.http://www.jacksonpollock.org

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