Saturday, February 28, 2009

Linkin Up with the OPA

On a warm and sunny Labor Day, over 100 children came to the Clay in Education booth at Art in the Pearl. Along with myself and fellow OPA members, Dorothy, Dawn, Christine, Skye and Gwen, we played in clay with all the kids. The project for the day was making links for the "Linkin' Up with the OPA" and at the end of the day the kids had made 172 links plus numerous clay animals and sculptures that have become kiln gods to protect the pieces during the firings. The kids didn't have too many instructions other than it could not be bigger than a paper dinner plate and it had to be able to connect with another link in some way. That was it - so simple. The links that were made include, snakes, lizards, circles, hearts, bracelets and rings to a dragon, fish, the Statue of Liberty, Graucho Marx and many free form pieces. I am just amazed at the creativity of everyone that participated. I have had friends from California and Oregon also get involved in the project and I am now hoping that my fellow OPA members will get involved and make more links to link up with the kids.

The links are going to be on display in the Justice Center Windows for the month of May.

More updates to follow as the project progresses.

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