Thursday, January 5, 2012

18 Weeks and Counting

This week we are featuring Best in Show award winners from two years.  Earlier in the week we covered 1987 and we now move onto 1988.

Best in Show 1988 was awarded to Dave and Boni Deal.  Dave and Boni are an inspiration who have been collaborating not only in their art but in life.  Here's a bit more about Dave and Boni:

Best in Show 1988
Dave & Boni Deal
"What an honor, having our raku "Cord-wrap" pot voted "Best in Show" by fellow potters at Showcase '88!  Back then, pottery had been our family's livelihood for over a decade, and we were totally into raku, with Dave focusing on LARGE.  This "Cord-wrap" piece is 27 inches wide.

Most of our artwork was then, as now, natured-themed.  This was a natural outcome from meeting in a mountaineering club, and discovering a shared passion for the outdoors and for art.  We eventually settled at our rustic mountainside home where kids were raised amongst pots.  We strive to reflect the glory of our surroundings, God's creations, in our work.

The Deal kids
We are also motivated and inspired by those who purchase our work, our patrons, the angels who support us and keep us going.  We've been blessed by those who have acquired our work over our 30 years of exhibiting at Ceramic Showcase, many who come back and tell us how much they enjoy their pieces.  Thank you!

The work is still evolving, sometimes literally going 'round a circle past the beginning and 'round again, like recent "Batik Raku" pieces that hark back to Boni's fabric batiks of the 1970's.  Dave continually explores clay forms, Boni pursues the imagery, both work on the glazes, and Dave carefully choreographs the final raku firings.

More info about Dave and Boni and dramatic photos of their firings can be found on their website, Dave and Boni Deal.

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