Thursday, December 29, 2011

19 Weeks and Counting

In 1986,  the OPA was 6 years old and the interest in Ceramic Showcase was so great that there was not enough booth space for every applicant. The OPA Board decided everyone would get only half the space as before (4X8 feet). The people who made that decision were members who had worked hard to see the show grow, yet they gave up part of their own space in order to accommodate new participants.  At the same time, Showcase Chairman Dennis Meiners believed that we needed to buy ads and print a color poster. This was a gamble that paid off and the show continued to grow.

1986 Best in Show
Glenn Burris
(Original piece)
Best in Show 1986 was awarded to Glenn Burris.  When I asked Glenn to tell me a bit about himself and his work, I found out some interesting information.  Glenn had included a picture of the original piece that won Best in Show and a bit of history, this is what Glenn wrote:

"In 1986, I had been making pots for 18 years, 12 of those in Oregon.  I was beginning to tire of what I had been doing and was looking for something new to hold my interest.  I began loading a shino glaze up with clay to make it crawl.  I applied the glaze thicker and thicker to make the crawling the main decorative element.  I was excited and encouraged by my new direction and at Showcase I was recognized with the Juror's award.

1986 Best in Show
Glenn Burris
(replacement piece)
Change, success, recognition.  The timing was perfect.  Without change I don't think I would have received the award. This wasn't my first, last, or biggest award, but it remains the most important because of who it was from and how it directed my way with clay.

The original piece was broken a number of years ago and was replaced with the current one.  The original was a little cruder, a little grittier, and pushed at the bubble a little harder.  I see the internal struggle in the first piece a little more.

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  1. Hadn't heard that the original piece got broken. Glad to have another nice G. Burris piece in the collection, tho.