Wednesday, December 22, 2010

another great Empty Bowls day

Day 2 & Day 3 and the bowls are stacking up. Pat Brame went big and then shared a few great tips with all of us and in the spirit of collaboration, the tips and ideas flowed all day. We all loved playing with Renee's handmade chatter tool and we all starting embellishing two beautiful pieces that Alan threw the other day. I think that at the end of today there were 300+ pieces in various stages of completion and thanks to the crew at Georgie's they will be fired and waiting for everyone on Monday to start glazing!

Each piece is being signed with a phrase, a word, a thought of kindness and compassion. Come help us pass along this beautiful message.

If you've got a few hours, your help would be greatly appreciated. Don't forget, this is all about giving back to our beautiful community of Portland, to each other and to the OPA. Renee and the gang will be there tomorrow from 9am - 4pm and then back again starting on Monday. It is only a few hours - come be part of this great project.

And again, none of this would have been possible without the generous support of Georgie's. In the true spirit of the season, they have been inspirational and so giving. Let's pass that on.

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  1. Looks like fun! I'll try to make it next week! Thanks Kris for the update.