Tuesday, May 25, 2010

fixing cracks with gold

So I was watching the Sunday Morning Show and there was this man who hot glued everything! Which got me thinking about the cracks that had developed in my organic pods during the firing process and I thought, why not. So out came the glue gun and gold leaf flakes and I'm thinking that there is some potential here. I've tried using gold in so many different ways but it has always looked flat and well, forced. So, I'm really not sure about this - it is foreign but it isn't trying to hard - or is it? Let me know your thoughts / critiques / comments / or your experiences using gold to fill cracks.


  1. http://si.edu/opa/insideresearch/articles/V23_Golden_Seams.html

    the above is the address to smithsonian exhibit..broken pots? japanese repaired raku bowls.
    i use gold leaf on raku..don't hot glue, use gold leaf adhesive and sealer after wards..also antique just a little to take away the raw look of the gold..it can be an exciting way to fix a "less than" pot.

  2. thanks for the tip - I'll check out the site!