Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet an OPA Member: Kris Paul

Three things about Kris that have nothing to do with clay.

1.I love cooking and would host a dinner party every evening if I could.

2.I adore being Auntie Krissy to six beautiful nieces.

3.I have a kick-ass tattoo!


  1. Hi Chris, nice to meet you. I'd love to see pictures of your work.

  2. Hi Lori - Nice to meet you too! I'm working on a new website that should be up and running by early next week. I've finally taken the time to update everything. I find it hard to take time away from the studio to do the business side of things and I am trying to get better at it. How about you? Do you have a website/etsy shop/blog about you and your work? I'd love to check it out if you do.

  3. Hi Kris,

    I have all of those things:
    http://FutureRelicsGallery.com will get you to them.
    I know the feeling, for me taking pictures of my pieces is the hardest part.
    Please send me your site once it's up and running, I'd love to see it.