Monday, May 4, 2009

Artist in Residence/Clay in Education

The first window is dedicated to the involvement of fellow OPA member Jan R. and her Artist in Residence program as well as the story of how the OPA came to be and what Clay in Education is all about. The window highlights the children that Jan has been working with and shows many aspects of the stages of clay and what it takes to turn a lump of clay into a finished piece.

and more links

It is amazing that when you tell a child or a potter that it can't be bigger than a dinner plate and it has to connect to another link, go crazy, they come up with the most amazing pieces of art.

more Links

I just had to show some of the links that are hanging in the windows.

Links project at the Justice Center Windows

The Links are installed at the Justice Center Windows!

...and they look sensational.

OK this is going to read like an Oscar Award speech but I really need to...

Thank all the children and parents that made links at Art in the Pearl last Labor Day weekend. And a huge shout out to all of the potters that contributed to make this project fly. First, Annie Stecker for giving me the assignment that got this ball rolling for Clay in Education. The OPA members that came and worked with the children and got on board with the Links project, Dawn, Christine, Skye, Dorothy, Gwen. And to the potters that made links - Brenda, Dee, Audrey, Barbara, Skye, Gwen and Denise. Thank you so much Denise for spending your Sunday morning at the windows. And my fellow potters in So. Cal - Jackie & Linda - Jackie you were the seed that started this and Linda I couldn't have gotten the booth ready for the kids if you had not come for a visit and spent your vacation makin' links with me!

and now for the photos - enjoy - this was truly a labor of love and I know that it will grow from these 208 links. My goals are lofty but with the help of my friends, it will soar.